Saturday, January 2, 2010

While I've Been Away- Paint Project #1

I truly didn't mean to be away from the blog for as long as I have! Happy New Year everyone! :o)

At least I haven't been a total slacker! Here is a project I finished early December. I wanted to paint this little table I bought from HomeGoods in November a shade of blue-green.

I already had some paint around the house that I could use that was a lighter shade of blue-green. This is the table after the first coat.

Second coat! Nice but a little too light for me... I had to try again.

So I tried a deeper and brighter color! I wanted something with more ummph! :o)

I only needed a sample of paint from Home Depot! Isn't that amazing! :o)

Tada! Mr. Table is all done! Looking snazzy in his corner... :o)

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