Sunday, November 16, 2008

What Does Your Style Say About You?

"Do you like yourself? Are you at home in your life? Are you living by your own design?

Women and men, CEOs and civil servants, fashionistas and fashionphobes, full-time mamas and emerging entrpreneurs--for everyone who wants to sharpen their personal edge, steer steady through transitions, or reclaim their mojo, this is a call to inspired and authentic living."

-a quote from Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design

This book is about more than just style, it is about the real you! From the type of exercise that best fits you and the kind of career that would make you happy to what you want most out of life and your style of dress, this book helps you to figure it out!

Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design is far from a quiz that gives you a point valued result. It is guide to help you figure out who you are. Check it out today! Also check out Carrie and Danielle’s website:

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