Saturday, January 2, 2010

Beautiful Clothing from Erin Fetherston

I first heard of Erin Fetherston when I was reading Lula Magazine. I absolutelty adore Erin Fetherston's label of feminine attire, including dreamy skirts and dresses with bow & ruffle accents. So many of her designs look like they come from a modern day fairytale. I have inserted some of my favorite looks from her collections below.

Spring 2010
No. 2 - Plunging Halter Dress in Khaki Twill
(This definitely has a resort look to it.)
Spring 2009
No. 32 - Sunset Ombre Cloud Mini-Dress
(I like how the fluffy bottom balances out the straight torso. The bow-cap sleeve is a great accent as well.)
Spring 2009
No. 29 - Gathered Lilac Organza Cloud Hem Dress
(I LOVE the arched pouffy hem! Gourgeous!)

Holiday 2008 - 2009
No. 4 - Black Double Face Satin Bow Jacket with Black Double Face Satin Bow Skirt
(I'm a sucker for cute, fitting jackets with volumious skirts.)

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  1. I LOVE that straight dress with the bow shoulder and poufy skirt. It's like a ballet costume for grownups (who aren't ballerinas). And I like that in a dress!

  2. Me too! I like feeling like I'm playing "dress up" with ruffles and a bow. :o)


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