Friday, August 14, 2009

Lovely Leandra Drumm Switchplates

Last week I went to Home Depot to purchase new switchplates for my bedroom. I love updating my place and having all of the decor "blend well", so I opted for plain, "stainless steel-esque" switchplates/outlet covers.

When I went to put them on I noticed that the main switchplate was too small to cover the area not painted by the previous owner! So, instead of repainting the entire bedroom (out of the question), I decided to go online and see what creative switchplates were out there to replace my current one. I was having no luck until I came across Drumm Studios!

Enter Leandra Drumm from Ohio... She makes the most creative and whimsical switchplates with handcast lead-free pewter! Check out a few of them below!



The Princess and the Pea

Dancing Fairy

My Favorite!!!
Bizzare Birds

Check all of the other great work by Leandra and other artists at Drumm Studios!

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